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Why is this innovative, amazing band NOT in the R and R Hall of Fame? Why are Hayward and Lodge NOT in the Hall as singer/ songwriters? Also, I have seen them perform many times. I live near Philly....they used to play here almost every tour, but not in years...close, like Atlantic City (75 miles away), Lancaster (50 miles),  Red Bank (saw them 3/8..drove 60 miles). Great venues here...Tower Theater, Mann, Keswick, etc. Why is their booking agent avoiding us and a huge fan base here ? Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately, there's no easy answer to that.  Fans have been scratching their heads for decades on that very question, despite several futile petition drives to get them even nominated (which also has yet to happen.)

My opinion (and it's just that, my opinion...) is that Rolling Stone magazine's Jann Wenner absolutely, positively hates the Moody Blues, and as long as he has anything to do with the HOF, the band will never even be nominated... for anything.

He's been very dismissive of the band for years, (they've never been on the cover of his magazine, either) and it's just unfortunate that someone like Wenner is allowed to get away with it for so long.  It's sad.  I think it ruins the integrity of the place to be so "selective" about who gets nominated and who doesn't.  Makes me like Seattle's Experience Music Project (EMP) SO much better.  If you haven't had a chance to visit there yet, be sure you take the opportunity the next time you're in Washington state.  That is just an unabashed, passionate homage to music... of all kinds; all genres, all generations, all styles, all eras.  I went there about 6 years ago and I'm anxious to go back to see what's new.  We only planned about 5 hours there, and I think I spent 4 of them in the "guitar room".  (An exhibit that followed the genesis of the guitar from its most rudimentary form, all the way through to today.)  Man, that was a religious experience!  lol

Though the whole place started (by Microsoft's Paul Allen) as a tribute to Seattle's Jimi Hendrix, it became so much more so quickly, and it's really an awesome place to visit.  It celebrates all music, and just not those acts that the nominating committee feels is "worthy".

Don't get me wrong; I think Wenner and Rolling Stone have done a lot for rock music and have been real advocates of popular music as a whole.  I just take issue with elitist attitudes in an industry that's completely subjective, anyway.  Every artist out there is someone else's favorite, so to "bless" some while "damning" others with this nomination process, to me, is unforgivable.  The criteria is, you're eligible for nomination 25 years after the release of your first album... that should be it. (Sorry... let me tuck my soap box away, now...  lol)

As for the Moodies?  The one thing they have on their side is time.  The HOF will likely outlive Wenner, and once that happens, it's entirely likely that the Moodies will then be allowed a nomination.  Let's just hope that some of them will still be around to accept it when they are.  

Also, and this was news to me:  "Beginning in 2012, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opened Nominee voting to fans around the world. The Top Five Nominees as voted by the fans count for one ballot entry, which is weighted the same as individual ballot entries submitted by members of the international voting body."  (This per the Induction Process at  They used to list all the members of the nominating board there, as well... but I think some of them started getting a lot of hate mail for not nominating everyone's favorites, so their names were removed (or at least buried, because I can't find them anymore...) from the site a while back.)  So, maybe it's time to bombard the site with nominations from Moodies fans...  :-)  I think I'll spread the word!  lol

I know that doesn't necessarily answer your question, Steve, but like I said...  "it's complicated".  (Fingers crossed for the future, though!) :-)  Take care, and thanks for using!


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I’m pretty confident that I can answer just about any question about the band or their music you may have. I’ve been a fan since 1972 and have followed their careers (collectively and as solo artists,) closely ever since. In addition, I've amassed a vast database on all things Moody - from "completest" discographies for the band and all of their solo projects, to extensive bibliographies, videographies, posterfiles, etc. I have an extensive collection of memorabilia; both group and related solo projects. My collection includes vinyl, CDs, tapes (cassette, 8-track, and reel,) posters, shirts, sheet music and songbooks, back stage passes, magazines, books and other publications, equipment, and video. If I don’t know it, I know where to find it. All you have to do is ask!


I’ve been a fan of the band since 1972. I was a contributing editor to "Higher and Higher", the Moody Blues Magazine 1994, to the magazine’s untimely demise in 2007, writing the Videography Department.

As noted previously, much of my writing has appeared in “Higher and Higher” since 1994, but I also wrote a piece that appeared in issue #1 of Mike Pinder’s newsletter “Have You Heard”.

Though I haven’t yet finished, my educational focus is on a Journalism degree.

Awards and Honors
I've also had the good fortune to have traveled to England to catch the end of the Band's Spring 2000 concert tour; a trip I've always wanted to take. I’ve supplied research information on the band to a number of sources, including the July 5, 2004 English Quiz Show “Mastermind” which featured a contestant whose expertise was also the Moody Blues. I also participated in the UK Channel 4 presentation of the “Top Ten” program's episode on Progressive Rock, that featured the Moody Blues at #3 on their list. That program aired on March 3, 2001.

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