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jl wrote at 2013-08-05 12:04:07
mike pinder wrote dawn is the morning, Justin sang with mike singing the chorus. hope this helps

Moodyjoe wrote at 2014-11-08 11:59:47
That answer given is a bit incorrect

Justin Hayward's first credited released Moodies song was;

'Fly Me High' a early 1967 UK Decca single 'A' side

Justin's second was; 'Leave This Man Alone' - 1967 'B' side of Mike Pinder's 'Love And Beauty' UK Decca 'A' side single (that was the first song to feature the mellotron)

these Decca singles both pre-dated DOFP album

Justin's third & fourth credited songs were; 'Nights..' & the 'B' side; 'Cities' on Deram (1967)

Mike Pinder wrote; 'A Simple Game' (1968) sung by Mike although Justin also sang an unissued at the time version (issued much later as a CD 'bonus' track)

Justin sang Mike's song; 'Dawn is A Feeling' but Mike sang the 'bridge' section (i.e. 'Do you understand that all over this land...' etc)

John Lodge's first songs credited were; 'Peak Hour' & 'Evening (Time To Get Away)'on DOFP but he also wrote; 'Gimmie A Little Something' (sung by Justin) that was first released in the late seventies on 'Caught Live Plus Five'

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