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Moodyjoe wrote at 2014-11-08 12:12:55
Graeme Edge wrote the poem; 'Late Lament' that follows 'Nights in White Satin' on DOFP album, but that and the earlier spoken poem; 'Morning Glory' - also written by Graeme Edge - were both narrated by Mike Pinder

Mike also narrated Graeme's poem; 'The Word' on ISOTLC

while Justin (as 'first man'), then Graeme (as 'establishment'), then Mike (as 'inner man') in turn narrate Gareme's poem; 'In The Beginning' and Mike narrates Graeme's poem; The Dream'on the OTTOAD album

Mike narrated Graeme's; 'Higher and Higher' spoken number on TOCCC album too.

Mike narrated Graeme & Ray Thomas; 'The Balance' poem/song spoken parts which closed the AQOB album

Dave Symonds (a DJ friend of the band) narrated Ray's poem 'Painted Smile' on LDV album in 1981

Gareme Edge himself narrated the poem spoken parts of his poem/song; 'Nothing Changes' in 1999 with Justin singing the other parts.

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