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Motorcycle Repair/1995 honda vt1100 c2 electrical problems


mark wrote at 2014-06-01 16:02:47
I have a 96 vt1100c2 that I have the exact same problem with. I drove it to the front yard to wash it and no I am not getting any spark.  I pulled the cdi box off and when I turned it upside down water came out so I am thinking that is the problem but the cheapest place I have found is partzilla for 416.53. That's a lot for me not being 100% sure that is the problem. I pulled black cover box off the cdi box and one of the small capacitors on the printed circuit board had a little brown spot like oxidation that easily wiped off.  I put my volt meter on cap and tried to check the microfaris or however you spell that word lol but was not able to get a reading. I do not want to spend the 450$ like u did and that not be the problem. I put the circuit board in rice and let it sit thinking that it would help dry any condensation between the board and the protective wax coating out. Anything else you find would be helpful for me to try to diagnose this problem.

After reading your post I am going to mess with the ignition pulse generator and see if I can get spark. thanks in advance

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