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QUESTION: Hey Mike! I have a 94 FXR, it has 3,500 miles on it and the guy i just bought it off of had vance&hine short shots installed and he says the shop also jetted the carb. i rode it and had the baby the throttle or it wouldnt go. after a bit of mileage and adding some star-tron fuel treatment, seems like the carb is functioning pretty good. the issue im having is that when i open the throttle and get on it and go to shift, my bike stutters a lot and than gets back on its feet and keeps going. what do u think the problem could be? ive been told short shots arent the best exhaust setup due to limited back pressure. what exhaust would u recommend? also  was looking into getting an aftermarket air setup.
thanks in advance Mike,
Jared from PA

ANSWER: what carb do you have on the bike?

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QUESTION: The whole bike is stock except for the short shots

ANSWER: Check the carb. Sound like the pumper is not working.
Good luck and happy riding

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QUESTION: Hey mike. I just picked up an 04 carbureted softail. It has samson sidewinder pipes on it and a k&n air cleaner with a jetted carb. I was wanting your opinion on how my bike would be affected if I take the baffles out of the pipes and just run torque cones.
Thanks again Mike,

By removing the baffles you are turning your pipes into drag pipes. That does 2 things. You will make the bike run leaner and you will lose horsepower. Drag pipes work really well at high RPMs, but hurt midrange. That is where most people ride. Adding torque will help a little, but they usually only help with the popping problem. If it were me I wouldnt do it.
Good luck and happy riding

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