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My bike will not start....i have my kill switch on, my bike is in neutral, clutch engaged and will not start. if i cross over my solenoid with a screwdriver it will start! i put a new solenoid on and still wont start. thanks


Hi Richey,

Since the bike starts when you jump the solenoid  it sounds like your
solenoid is not getting any power to activate it.

Usually on Suzuki's there is a yellow/green power wire to the solenoid
and a black/white or black/yellow ground wire.

The black/white or black/yellow should have a steady ground connection while the
yellow/green runs either to the clutch switch directly or goes
through a smaller relay used for transferring the power to the solenoid.

Take a multimeter and check if there is any power to the solenoid yellow/green when
you try to start.  If not check for a relay or test the clutch switch for continuity.
The clutch switch gets power from the start button and then the engine kill switch
is next to that. You can follow the power circuit backwards until you see where it
is broken.

It might be a bad switch or relay that is in the circuit before the solenoid.
If your solenoid is working and it won't start then you might have poor
connections or weak battery.

Let me know if you find anything or need more info.


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