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hi,i just got my bike to run with some new spark plugs.
once it was running the exhuast pipe was smoking at the headers and the the conneting pipe,and then she cut off. what could be the problem. i am not a mechanic,so if you could help me.

Hi Quentine,

It sounds like one of your cylinders just started to run after you put the
new spark plugs in.  The cylinder probably had some oil in it that
tried to burn off. If the engine is not too worn out you may
be able to get it running with a all around tune up.

I would pull the air filters out and see if they are plugged up.
Make sure the carbs are not leaking fuel as they may
flood the engine with too much gas.

Check if the pressure or compression on each cylinder
is near the same. You can test it with a compression gauge
if you can borrow or buy one.
The engine has to have about 130-150 psi to run very well.

If you clean the plugs and try it again it might burn some of the
accumulated oil off. The engine may have been flooded with oil
or fuel the first time.

Excessive smoke can also be caused by damaged engine parts
such as worn or broken rings, pistons and valve seals.
These things require rebuilding the top end of the engine.

If you have clean carbs, good fuel supply and clean air filters
then it should run as long as the engine is not damaged.
A compression test should tell you if the engine has enough
cylinder pressure to run or not.

Try to get a shop manual too, it will help with adjusting things
or a rebuild if the engine is too worn to run.

A motorcycle shop can check your compression for you,
it shouldn't cost too much just for that only.

Keep an eye on the spark plugs as they can tell you what
is happening inside the engine. If they are wet or oily
then the engine may be getting too much fuel.
Try cleaning the plugs and turning the choke off.

Good luck with it,

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