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Looking to purchase a non-running 2003 CBR 600 from a family member who purchased the bike from a friend. He was told that water was run through the bike before the previous owner realized it was in the tank and now the bike does not run. Based on the other answers to similar questions it appears that draining the bike and filling with good fuel and some gas treatment would correct the problem, but what else do I need to check before purchasing this bike to find out it is a complete money pit?

Hi Greg,

I am not sure why the bike would have water in the tank but
it could have some serious corrosion in the tank
and the rest of the fuel system if it has been sitting long.

As you mentioned if all the fluids are drained and refilled
maybe the bike will run. The cylinder, pistons and rings
could be rusted and it may smoke or use oil.

I think a general check over of the suspension and drive
components and the tires and body parts will tell
you the story of how the bike was treated.

I would be hesitant to commit to buying it until
I heard the engine run and made sure the transmission
and clutch are working okay.

Even if it runs well the transmission is another
costly problem area.

There is no way to tell if the bike was having problems
as far as running smoothly. Electronics are also costly.

I am not trying to scare you away from a potentially fun ride
but if you can make arrangements to get the bike
running before buying that would be the best course to follow.

Even if it costs a few bucks to clean the fuel system
and get the battery charged as least you might save spending
any more until you see if the bike is usable.

I have bought bikes not running and had to solve all the
headaches of the previous owner. It can be difficult
and costly depending on the luck of the draw.

Hope you make whatever choice feels right to you anyway.


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