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Hi there, I've got a problem with my headlight. 1982 Honda cm450e

Tested the light and it's good. Same with battery and fuses all have good connections. Even the cable that plugs to the light has 14 volts going into it. But, my headlight won't turn on? Any ideas what to check? Thanks for ur time !

Hi Vince,

With power at the bulb socket and still no lights it sounds like
your ground circuit is not working.

The headlight is grounded through the green wire.

Check for power between the white low beam wire and
the green wire.  You should have power there if the ground
is okay.

If the ground is not working check for disconnects or breaks
in the green wires. It could be broken in the headlight shell
or back under the fuel tank/frame area.

Let me know if you need more info.


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