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I have problems with the bike starting up sometimes it starts with no problems and runs fine for miles then when i stop for a few minutes the bike wont start up again its as if the battery has died but the lights etc seem strong  it usually jump starts though and then can run fine for weeks
just the other day i stopped the bike for  a few minutes then re started it no probs but I forgot to unlock the helmet lock so after removing the key to do so i then tried to start it up but it was dead and had to jump it   any thoughts before I try replacing parts or going to the shop

Hi Ricky,

The fact that the bike is restarting with a boost may indicate a poor
connection somewhere or a battery with an internal short circuit on the plates.

A failing start relay solenoid may click but not send power to the starter motor

Depending on the exact behaviour of the bike the problem can sometimes
be narrowed down to one thing or another.

You can begin by having the battery charged and load tested at a bike or auto store.

If it passes a load test then get some electronic spray cleaner and clean all
the ignition and starting system plugs or connectors.

Tighten the battery cables on both ends and ensure the negative cable
is clean and grounding well to the frame.

If the starter relay clicks but nothing happens you may have to check
if power is passing through it to the starter motor.

Some bikes have side stand and clutch switches which disable
the starting system. Check these with a multimeter for continuity.

I would check the battery, then clean all connections and finally test the starter relays and
safety switches and starter motor itself.

Often the breakdown in the power flow to the starter can be checked with
a multimeter on each component.  Even a shifty start button could be a problem.

If the boost helps it might be a failing relay or battery.

Do a final check of the charging system voltage to make sure it
charges above 13 volts at all times.


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