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Hi, I have a 2005 Vtx 1800 it will start fine and shift into all gears with the clutch pulled in,but when i put it into gear and release the clutch to take off it wont move. It will just rev and sit there, id be greatful if you could help me find a solution


Hi Eli,

The problem with the clutch is most likely in one of these areas.

Either the clutch is stuck in the disengaged position
due to a stuck clutch slave cylinder piston or
a problem in the master cylinder relief port.
This may be less likely than just having worn clutch
friction discs inside the clutch unit itself.

My guess is that the clutch discs need replacing which requires
removing the clutch cover on the right and disassembling the clutch
for disc or plate replacement.

The clutch slave unit is on the left where the clutch hose attaches.
It has three bolts holding it on. This is where a small piston
pushes on the clutch push rod to disengage and release the
clutch when you pull the lever.

It can be difficult to bleed the air out if you open the
lines or remove the slave cylinder.

If your clutch lever feels okay but your clutch is not moving
the bike it is probably in need of new clutch discs.
This is not too difficult if you have a manual
and are careful not to overtighten the clutch spring
screws when you assemble it.

They should be tight but overtightening can break the small
aluminum posts they attach to.
You will see them if you decide to pull the clutch cover and clutch off.

The new friction discs are soaked in engine oil and then alternated
with the steel discs when reassembling.

You may have to remove the exhaust pipe to get the clutch cover off.
The cost should not be too much if you just need the discs and gaskets.
Inspect everything carefully for wear and keep it clean.

Good luck,

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