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Motorcycle Repair/wont start xl 250 degree1998


hi gary was reading about the valve clearences needing to be checked could this solve my problem off the bike not starting new plug put in last week and carb was blew out thanks

Hugh it is possible. The bike can become hard to start and run poorly if it does start. With the engine cold place the piston at top-dead-center and there is a plug on the left side of engine that can be unscrewed and you should see the timing marks there. Also remove the spark plug as this makes it easier to turn over and also with a small screwdriver or wire feel the top of the piston as it reaches TDC. Once you have established that it is at TDC take off valve caps and check the gap between the valve stem and the rocker. There should only be about .003" on the intake side and about .004 on the exhaust. Try this for a starting point and see if it helps.

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