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When I turn the ignition switch on, the rear brake light stays on instead of the running lights. When the front brake is pressed nothing happens but when you press the rear brake pedal the running lights come on and when its released it goes back to brake light staying on. Also the 30 amp fuse gets really hot to the point where it melts the fuse.

Hi David,

It sounds like either some bad connections and wiring or
a faulty stop/tail warning unit.

The warning unit is usually near the battery or maybe
on the rear fender. The connector can get corroded over
time and cause poor connections which result in fuse heating.

Any weak connection can contribute to hot fuses.
Also a bad battery or loose connections to ground
can be bad.

Sometimes it helps to go through and clean the connectors
with good electronic spray cleaner occasionally.
MG chemicals or deoxit is good stuff.

The brake and running lights can be rewired to bypass the
warning unit if one can't be found.

Let me know if you can find the warning unit, it should
have some similar wire colours as the brake lights etc.

If it has no warning unit then check for crossed wires,
short circuits and bad bulbs.

Let me know if you decide to bypass the warning unit and
maybe I can guide you on that.


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