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Motorcycle Repair/95' Kawasaki EX500 (Ninja 500)


My 95 Ninja 500 idles smoothly but once you get the engine running at about 4k and above it runs real roughly, and makes a considerable pop, through the exhaust, when it gets back down to just above idle speed. Is this consistent with the engine being out of time, or is it more serious than that.

Hi Ethan,

It could be a loose connection on the battery posts or cables.
Also the side stand switches can have connection problems.
Check coil wires are tight with no scrapes on the wires.
Check the plug colors to see if the engine is running lean or
rich on fuel.

Popping in the exhaust can indicate a lean fuel mixture.
If the spark plugs look very light or white colored then
you may have a fuel restriction. Check fuel valve is working
and tank vent is clear.

A bad spark plug can also misfire at high speed.
You may need to clean carb jets especially emulsion jet
above the main jet.

Make sure the exhaust gaskets are good as backfiring can occur
if the pipe draws in fresh air or if the pipe is too open
with no backpressure.

I would try cleaning and tightening things up
before replacing any parts. The plug color may
give you some clues to what the engine needs.


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