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This is David again,happy holidays.The bike is a 93'/94' Dyna
Wide glide custom.The mechanic just rewired the hole bike,simply
because,I was getting a clicking noise under where the starter
relay is bolted onto that board above the primary cover side.Well
before the clicking was happening  the front and rear lights
would go dim while applying the brakes.Now not only did we do
replacement of the rear tail light,the same thing is happening
again,however,the rear tail light remains out while the engine
is on or off,the brake lights work tho, and the clickings sound has increased in volume.
The bike after full service and all kinds of new parts from a new triple tree to rebuilt rear fender handle bars is running rough.
Do you think it could be one of those electric modules that is
bolted onto the starter relay board that's bad?Again Mike the bike was just rewired with Harley switches on the handle bars
and fairly new starter-no problem,no skimping was involved.Mike is there one thing you can tell me that I can sound like I no what I'am talking about to the mechanic?You always come through for me Mike.

ANSWER: If you have light going dim when you apply voltage then you probably have a bad ground for those lights. As to the clicking, when does it do it? Durning startup, all the time ECT?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for getting back to me about the Dyna.
Your the best.The clicking noise,which sounded to me like some relay
or breaker is tripping,is making those sounds now while the engine is
running.Than when I turn the engine off the clicking sound subtly goes
away.I no electrical is hard to trouble shoot,however,I thought I run it by you just to get somewhere on the right track.Mike,good writing to ya.

Your best bet to find the clicking is to remove the cover where the clicking is located. Take a short piece of hose and put one end on each relay  and breaker and the other end to your ear. That way you can find what is clicking. Let me know what you find

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