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Motorcycle Repair/oil leak from headers?


I have a 2008 hyosung gt650r. It recently got tipped over while it was outside on ground, not cement. It broke my left mirror but other than that no visable scratches or anything. I planned on selling the bike so i started it up. It ran fine until i took it for a spin around the block, when i got back to my driveway i noticed dark smoke coming out of the muffler (aftermarket bolt on) not jetted. Parked it for a few days and noticed oil or oil like fluid leaking where the headers are. Not sure what this is, and would it be expensive to fix? Can you help?

Hi Andy,

If the bike was running okay before it got tipped over I would say
some engine oil got into the header and muffler when it tipped.

There may not be any damage other than it will smoke a bit until
the oil gets burned out of the pipe.

Check your oil level in the site glass.

Check your coolant level in the coolant tank  to see if it lost any fluid there.

The engine oil likely got into the pipe when the bike was tipped over.
If it is now running okay the oil will slowly burn up and there should be
no damage. Just check the fluid levels and run it until the smoke clears up.
Keep an eye on the engine temperature also.


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