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I have a 1986 883 sportster and am putting the transmission back together after replacing countershaft and 1st and 3rd gears. How can I find out what thickness of thrust washers go where? My clymer manual shows where thrust washers and regular washers go but I don't know the difference between the two. The manual provides a chart of different thicknesses of thrust washers and OEM part numbers but is not specific on which ones go where. Plus the washer that goes between the countershaft 2nd and 3rd gears appears to have tabs on the inside to fit the spline on the countershaft. The manual tells me where they go just not the thickness of each one. How can I acquire the info I need to get my tranny back together? Thank you for your time.

The thrust washer you are refering to that has the tabs goes on the mainshaft between second and third gear, not on the counter shaft. As to the others, I dont have any reference to what goes where. There is nothing in the harley service manual to tell the thicknesses of the spacers. Just thichness of the thrust washers which are used for spacing. They dont have all the same inside diameter, so that would be a clue as to where they go.
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