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HI, i have a ?  i have a 1981 kaw 440 ltd and every time i ride it i can smell the gas even when i park it on the garage i can still smell the gas  it is very strong gas smell ..... can you tell me what can i do or what part should i check first?

Hi Francisco,

There are a few things to check out regarding the fuel smell.

First it might be wise to pull out your spark plugs and
see if they indicate a normal tan colored combustion pattern.

If one or both plugs are very sooty or black then you may
have carb float valve needles and seats that are leaking and flooding
the engine. These have to be replaced if worn.
The float levels should also be checked at that time as they
rise and shut off the fuel flow at the appropriate time.

Next, check the fuel tank cap vent hole is clear.
If the vent is plugged your tank may build up internal pressures
or vacuum which can force gas fumes out into the air.

Also check that your air filter is not plugged and restricting air flow
into the carbs and engine.

The carbs may benefit from a close inspection, cleaning and adjusting.
If the carbs are leaking or the fuel petcock valve is leaking
then you have the source of your gas smell.

It sounds like it is most likely the tank cap vent or the carbs that
need service.


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