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\'56 Panhead
'56 Panhead  
I recently bought my first Harley, '56 Panhead, pretty stock, but electronic distributor, hand/clutch, foot/shift, stock wheels, but disk brakes. My question is should I be running a lighter grade oil this time of year. I live up in northern Washington, and current temps are in the 40's. Thanks, Kevin

You never said what your running in your bike, so its hard to comment whether to go to a lighter grade or not. Early on, the reason for going lighter is the motor turns over easier when trying to start it. I would run 50 wt year around and you should be fine!
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PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION!!! I CAN ONLY ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT HARLEYS !!! I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT OTHER MODELS!!! IF YOU ASK A QUESTION ABOUT A NON HARLEY BIKE IT WILL GET REJECTED!!!I have a Harley only shop with 30 years experience located in Ohio. We specialize in complete and total repair, restoration, hi-performance, and custom bike building. I can work on Flat Heads to Twin Cams. Please, dont ask how much somthing is going to cost to fix. Labor prices differ all over te country as well as shop to shop!


If its broke on a harley we can repair it. We do complete restoration from the frame up, engine and trans rebuilding, remapping and custom bike building

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