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what size tap would you use to remove the slow jet as you described, I have the same problem as mark.I am based in south sfrica,
Stuart Coetzee

Poached from the forum, Dave Mcmunn answered this a long time ago:  3mm will work, but SAE 4-40 is a better fit. Anyway - you need a screw of either of the above sizes, nut and a couple of washers. Then you need to tap the pressed-in jet a few threads. You don't have to drill a pilot hole, the jet has several mm of 'pilot hole' already drilled in it, before you get to the actual #35 passage. I've had a couple of guys tell me that the 3mm was pretty hard to get tapped without drilling out a bit, but the 4-40 will tap very easily.

Anyway, get as many threads tapped into the jet as possible, thread the nut up on the screw, put a washer on and then screw the assembly down into the threads you tapped. The tower the jet is pressed into makes a perfect pulling platform. Just tighten the nut down on the tower and the jet will pull right out. I've never ruined a jet this way and never had one I couldn't get out. And I've removed dozens of them.

Then you can properly clean the jets and the passages behind it. Just make sure you get all the debris blown out of the carb body. Then you need a small brass drift to reinstall. Just tap them back in with the drift.

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