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I have a 1965 Honda S65 my question is how do i check the ignition switch the bike will not start neither do any of the lights work except for the brake light and the horn works any ideas would be very helpful

Hi Morrie,

The switch on some early models just grounds out the ignition contact points
to stop the engine.

There should be a brown wire on the ignition switch that goes
to provide battery power to the lights.

They may get power from the lighting coil or the battery depending on the wiring.

A black wire from the points goes to the ignition coil, this wire should
only be grounded by the ignition switch when turned off.

If you have no spark the points might be grounded by the ignition switch
or the points are not clean, flat and opening just when the "F" or fire mark
aligns with the mark on the engine case.

Points should open about .014" when fully open.

Check if the bike has compression if not the valve clearance
may be too tight. Set to .002"

Here is a link to a wiring diagram that might work:

Let me know if you need more details.
I use to have one of these when I was younger.
Now I have a 79 CT90 Trail which is a similar motor.


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