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I just got a 1984 Honda shadow vt500c and it would start at first but would not take any gas so I cleaned the coborator and now I can't get it to ideal with the chock on or off. It will take gas now but when I let off the gas it will shut off. I don't know what to do now. Thanks keven

Hi Keven,

If the bike won't idle then the idle jets may still be plugged up
unless your idle speed is just set too low.

The jets need to be cleaned with a piece of guitar string or similar line
to be sure they are open.

Check if you have fuel getting to the carbs freely.
It may have a dirty fuel filter or have a faulty electric fuel pump.

Make sure both spark plugs are firing and the compression
is even on both cylinders.

Carbs can often be very hard to get clean without
some Honda or Yamaha carb cleaner to soak them in.

If it won't idle at all but will run at middle throttle then
your idle jets or circuits are still blocked.


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