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QUESTION: Hi there! I have lost my ignition keys to my motorcycle with the below details. I am at a remote location and there is no locksmith in my area also don't have the lost key code. How do I proceed in order to get a replacement key that can work.

VIN# JS1VS56A592100474
Year 2009  
Make Suzuki
Model VZ800

ANSWER: Antonio, unfotunately most of the late model bikes from the major manufacturers have stopped putting a key number on the switches as some of these were getting used to steal the bikes later. You may have to go to a Suzuki dealer or web site and order a new switch assembly that comes with keys. Locksmiths will take the switch housing and make a new key but it sounds like you dont have one close by. One web site to use is "" it may give you a part number and price so you are well informed.

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QUESTION: Hi there! Please advise if changing the switch assembly won't require reprogramming. I got a key from a friend that suits my ignition was able to unlock the wheel but can't start the engine. When I change the switch assembly won't I need reprogramming of any sort? Is wiring harness the same with switch assembly?

Antonio, The switch will be interchangable. It just bolts in place and the wiring just plugs into a connector. Harleys have a key fob that is programmed to an alarm system on the bike and has to be within 5 feet of the bike before it will start. So as far as a chip in the key you wont have to reprogram it. SeeDoo and Kawasaki water craft had weird programmable key systems also. But you should'nt have to worry about this part of the bike.

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