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Have recently joined the cafe racer craze and restored an 83 gsx 250.  The bike was running well. I left in in the garage for about 5 days and tried to fire it up with no luck. It half turned over the first time then just makes the clicking noise in the solenoid.
It wont start by bump starting but will by jump starting. It sounds like a battery problem but the battery is only 3 months old.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Joe,

If the bike starts with a boost then it is most likely a defective or dead battery.
I would have it fully load tested before going further.
Batteries can have internal short circuits occasionally and loose there stamina
for tougher jobs like starting, even new batteries can be faulty.

If the battery is not the cause then check if power is getting to the
starter motor from the battery when starting.
The clicking noise is usually the starter relay or solenoid.
It is connected to your batteries positive cable.
The clicking noise means it is not getting enough battery power
or the relay is defective. This is the part to replace if no
power is getting to the starter itself and the battery is good.

If the power is getting to the starter and it doesn't turn then
the starter may need a rebuild. Always check the cables
and ground connections as well.

It sounds like your bike is working fairly well with a boost except for the
lack of battery power so that would be my first guess as to the problem.
A battery load test at an auto or bike shop will solve that for you.


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