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Motorcycle Repair/Throttle cables replacement on a 1979 honda CBX 1000


Hi Jan,

I am Belgian, please apologize for the spelling.
I own a CBX (Z model) since June last year and I have to replace the throttle cables on it.
I have succeeded in connecting the "push" one, but I do not find out how to place the "pull" one.  I even do not see where it is hooked on the throttle link. I can state it is underneath but where exactly, I do not know.
Have you got a dodge to exchange the pieces?          Do you think there is a possibility to achieve this operation without dismounting the carbs-rail?
In the shop manual, they do not speak about changing cables nor chains.
Many thanks in advance for your answer.
Best regards,

Daniel Bady

front of carbs
front of carbs  
Hi Daniel,

This is a difficult task, even those of us that have done it frequently still rely on a little bit of luck.  Sometimes it is fitted in a minute, sometimes it takes 30 minutes...  The key is that the pull cable has to be put in blind, and the lead-in is very long so the cable has to go way back, before sliding into place.  I enclose a picture of the mechanism taken from the front, so you can get an idea of how to align the cable.  If you have small hands it is much easier.  It can be done with the carbs in place, and without lowering the engine.  But it is tricky; so good luck!


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