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I was wondering if you could answer a few quick questions? I am a college student that does not have the money to take my bike in for a complete service. I have a 2007 Kawasaki ZX6R (599cc). It has 8.5K miles on the odometer. It baffles when it is at idle. It seems to change when the bike gets past 170 degrees to a more constant sound when in neutral or in first at a stoplight. It hasn't been inspected since 2011. I'm not sure it has been serviced since then. Should I service my vehicle asap if I am not sure as to the mechanical well-being of my bike? Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Hi Dan,

It might just be something simple like spark plugs, fuel filter or air filter
needing some attention. A basic tune up is always the way to start
when having bike trouble.

Once the basics are attended to then it is easier to determine
if the bike needs more diagnosis and repair.

Keep all your fluids up like oil changes and coolant also.

The battery should also be checked and replaced if weak
as this can affect the strength of the ignition system.

It might just be some basic maintenance is required
so either get a shop manual if you are handy or find
a mechanic that has experience to service the bike.

Wayne S

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