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Hi Wayne, Just a swift question regarding charging motorbike battery's. I've just had to buy a new battery for my motorbike , the battery being a 12volt 9Ah type. Just wondered if you knew if i could use a standard 12volt car charger to charge the new battery up to its its full capacity. the instructions with the battery don't tell me this.

Hi Leon,

If you use a car charger use the lowest setting and keep a close eye
on the battery temperature. The problem is that the high amps can
damage the small battery if allowed to overheat.

I have used a 4 amp charger with no problems as long
as you just charge it for brief periods of time ande allow
it to have cool downs.

Don't leave it unattended for long as it could overheat and
possibly be a danger for you.

For maintaining the battery it is good to charge it every month
at least with a low charge rate like 1 or 2 amp hours.
This will keep it from going bad on you due to sulphation.

Wayne S

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