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QUESTION: Hello Wayne. You may remember me, I asked some questions about Engine Oil. Have a new question.

My 2010 Yamaha Majesty requires a Drive Belt replacement every 10k or so. There is a Variator on the Belt Drive. Yamaha requires Shell BT 3 or Yamaha Grease G 90890-40010. Which I am having trouble locating. My dealer doesnt sell it. He suggested I buy the Honda Molybdenum-Disulfide grease. In the 10 oz tube. Which may or may not be correct?? What can I use as a substitute?? I am thinking Maybe Valvoline Synpower grease. But am unsure.


ANSWER: Hi Chris,

The Yamaha grease recommended now is a Polyurea type grease.
It has good characteristics for that application.
It has good holding power, high shear strength and extreme pressure
qualities. It is also water resistant and resists high temperatures.

This grease has the ability to thin and thicken as required
by the gear sets. This means it can almost act like a liquid
and keep things well lubricated at all times.

These are Polyurea greases:

-Mobil Polyrex EP 2

-John Deere has "Corn Head Grease" which is also a Polyurea type
with semi-fluid qualities.

-Chevron Rykon Premium Grease EP



Polyurea grease is not very compatible with other greases so if you
decide to change grease it should be cleaned out as much as possible.
Your clutch may not work the same with moly grease as it does not
have the thinning and thickening qualities of the polyurea greases.

Try your local John Deere dealer as they use that type of grease in many
gearsets and it is not too expensive there either.

Wayne S

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Wayne. The Yamaha Manual is slightly out of date.

I've looking around and found that Liquid Wrench makes one (Polyurea WB grease). Only about $7-8 Tub. And I should be able get it from Lowes. Which is about 1 1/2 Miles from me.

I was afraid to put the wrong stuff in the Variator Slider.

Before I forget, Valvoline said I can use their SynPower Racing oil in my engine, As I dont have a Wet clutch. And due to the high operating RPMs. I'm just using the Synthetic 10w40 4T right now.

Thanks again

Hi Chris,

The Polyurea grease has qualities that are good for the variator overall.

Any good quality engine oil should be okay without a wet clutch.
The Synpower oil might be good for higher rpm engines like yours
but the 4T is good oil too.

Good luck with your "grease" job.


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