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My clutch is slipping in all gears so i bought a used one fully assembled and said to be functional. I put that in and it does the exact same thing? What else could i look for?


Hi John,

The clutch on these I believe uses a cable?
Is there some free play in the cable to keep
the clutch from hanging up?

Your clutch lever should have a small amount
of free play when the cable is adjusted correctly.

The clutch plates or discs have to be in good condition
with no warps on the metal plates.

The clutch springs have to have enough tension
to keep pressure on the plates so they won't slip.

The oil used has to be motorcycle oil that is made
without addictives that cause clutch slip.
Motorcycle oil has more friction than auto oils.

I would try adjusting the cable and check the
cable condition and try it again.
You may have to recheck the plates for problems
and make sure the clutch lifter plate and springs
are assembled carefully and are good.

When the clutch is assembled correctly the plates
will be tight together. You can check to see if the
plates are hanging up somewhere but the
clutch is not too complicated on these.

If it slips it is usually the plates warped or worn or
weak springs or wrong assembly or cable adjustment.
Oil type can sometimes affect the plates a bit too.

Wayne S

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