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Hi. I bought a used yamaha fzr exup 1000cc motorcycle a month ago. I am no motorcycle expert but would like to know if my motorcycle reacts normally. The bike does not shift into 3rd,and higher gears while it is standing still. It seems stuck. Is this normal. One local mechanic told me that the gearbox has packed up  and it is very costly to repair. The other says there is a problem with my clutch, the other says that it is normal. I would really appreciate some feedback in this regard as it could save me alot of money if it is something minor.

Hi Roger,

There is a chance your clutch could be a bit grabby
due to slight warping of the clutch plates.
If the bike is shifting okay while moving and under
power then the transmission is likely okay.

It is common due to the design of the shifter that
it may be hard to shift unless it is moving.

The transmission shift drum turns and has
to move the shift forks which in turn slide
the various gears into position. The gears often
need to turn slightly to allow them to engage
one another.

Many bikes have to be rolled forward or backward
a bit to allow the gears to change smoothly.
They do not move easily while standing still
like a automobile shifter might.

Next time you want to shift it while
the bike is standing still try either
rocking the bike a bit or if it is running
you can let the clutch out a little and
then try shifting again.

If you find the bike wants to move in gear
with the clutch pulled in then the clutch
may be a little warped from hard use.

IF the bike moves and shifts while under
power then your transmission is likely okay.

Trying to force it to shift while standing
is not good for the shifter parts so
always rock the bike in gear so the gears move a bit
and engage smoothly. This is when the engine is off.

Wayne S

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