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Motorcycle Repair/Oil and Filter Question?


QUESTION: Hello. I own a 2010 Yamaha Majesty. Its a 400cc "Scooter" that can keep up with most of the bigger bikes. As long as they dont really push it hard.

Currently I am using Valvoline Fully Synthetic 10w40 4T oil and a K&N filter. Have been for the last 6,000 miles or so. Is this a Good combination?? Or do you reccomend a different Oil and/or Filter? My change interval is roughly 3k Miles. I even take the time to Drain and Fill the Final Drive (Rear axle) using the leftover oil.

One of the Guys I was riding with wanted to know why I don't use Amsoil? Its hard to get(Locally) where I live. Sometimes I have problems getting the Valvoline Synthetic. As only Walmart and AA Parts sells it.

ANSWER: Hi Chris,

The oil you are using sounds great to me. Yamaha often recommends
their own oil "Yamalube" but as you say it is often difficult to obtain
some brands of oil locally.

The original specs call for either 10W30 or 20W40 oils depending
on the climate. I often use 10W40 as I believe it works
good in warm or cold weather.

As long as the oil "SG" rated it is okay but avoid "SJ" through "SM" oils
as they have friction modifiers made for automobile engines.

If the oil specifies "motorcycle" 4T it should be good.

The "JASO-MA" standard is also for motorcycles and is set by
the Japanese Standards organization.

Stick to that oil if you can get it or any oil specified for four stroke "motorcycles"

Amsoil is also good but Yamaha does not recommend using oils higher
than their recommended type in the owners manual.

The engine was designed around the oil types they recommend so
they are nervous as to what new oils might have in them.

I would stick to the brand you are using if available  as engines wear in
according to the internal friction and weight of the oils used.
Changing oil brands too often might result in the rings losing their
seal and burning oil might result. This would likely be temporary
as oil for the most part does not create any permanent conditions
inside the engine.

Amsoil tends to be very expensive as well and your engine will do fine
with either oil and the Valvoline is good oil and available to you so
it is fine. Keeping the oil clean is more important in the long run
to your bike's longevity.

If you can't get the Valvoline then go for any major brand name with
"4T" motorcycle designated oil. 10W40 is good all around.

Wayne S

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Wayne. The Valvoline Synthetic has SG and SJ. It also has a MA2 rating. Which as I understand it, Is a newer standard.

I use the Synthetic because the engine runs about 5-6k Rpm at highway speeds. I am not having any problems right now. As I purchased the "Scooter" New as a "Leftover". Had 0 Miles. All 6300 is my doing.

The Majesty doesn't use a Wet Clutch. The Engine and "Trans" shares the same case. The Belt drive has a Variator and Clutch setup. Separate from the Trans oil.

Hi Chris,

The synthetic oil will be good for the high rpms as it
has good heat dispersion and higher shear strength
than conventional oil.

There is much debate over oils but most motorcycles
do fine with any oil specified for "motorcycles" and
the "4T" type. The "MA2" just means it is okay for wet clutches
even though yours has a belt drive.
The "MB" rating is a lower friction oil but not usually
recommended for most motorcycles.

Wayne S

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