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QUESTION: I read in one of your answers that you mention a Honda dream restoration guide cd. My question is how do I obtain one?
         Thanks, Terry

ANSWER: Terry, go to my website: for more information on the CD and how to contact me for ordering. I make them up to order, but can usually ship within 24 hours. There is about 2,000 pages to be printed out from the CD, if you actually printed out the whole thing, which one customer did, last year.

Bill Silver

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QUESTION: Thank you Bill, I will do that, I also have another question for you. I have a 1960 C72 I just bought the bike was running a little rough, I have put new plugs points, and rebuilt the carb the darn thing starts right up and runs great only problem it is idling at about 3000 rpm I know its something I did on the carb just cant figured it out could you help me

Terry, a 1960 C72 is a pretty rare find.

Engine idle speed issues can be linked to:

Incorrect spark timing at idle and/or weak spark advancer springs which allow spark timing to over-advance at idle speeds.

Carburetor mis-adjusted. Forward adjustment screw is the air screw for idle mixture. The one in the middle of the carburetor body is the idle speed screw, which raises and lowers the carburetor slide in the carburetor bore. If you put the slide in backwards, the idle speed screw will hold the slide way up and not allow it to drop down to the closed position.

Idle speed screw setting should be about 1 turn out from gently seated in.

Air leaks at the carburetor insulator (check for cracks or bad o-ring).

Air leaks at the carburetor flange base due to warped flange or worn o-ring.

Carburetor float level set too low, leaning out the fuel mixture. Proper setting is 26.5mm with the float tang just touching the tip of the needle, but not compressing the spring-loaded tip.

Make sure the throttle cable adjuster is seated into the cable on both ends and cable seated in the top of the carburetor.

Bill Silver

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