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Hello Wayne!
My name is Yosuke.I'm japanese student.
I hope to buy my first motorbike.
I prefer abroad company like triumph Harley. But I think Japanese company goods too. So I'm hesitant about making decision.
My favorite design style is a cruiser and over 750cc.
What kind of bike do you recommend me?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Yosuke,

There are some good cruiser bikes from Honda like the Shadow series
and Harley has the Sportsters.

Also check out the Suzuki C90 type and the Yamaha Vstar is very nice.

Overall the Honda has a good record of reliability and the Yamaha is

Harley is good for low end torque and is fairly smooth.

If you have no experience you might want to learn on a smaller bike
and move to a more expensive heavier bike later but that is your choice.

My favorites would be the Honda and Yamaha as I have experience with them.

You should also consider if service and parts are readily available for the bike
you buy.

Go to the dealers and see if you can sit on the bikes and and get a feel for
the riding position and the weight of the bike.
You will likely find one that just feels right to you overall.

Good luck!

Wayne S

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