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I have a 1971 Honda cl175 and I wanted to check the ignition timing, so I needed to open the breaker points cover which has 3 screws. When I unscrewed one of the screws, it started leaking oil through the hole. Is it supposed to have oil in there? What should I do?

I don't know much about bikes. Thanks for any help, much appreciated.

Leo, first the points are up on the end of the camshaft under the cover with 2 screws.

The dyno cover (3 screws) reveals the rotor which is on the end of the crankshaft. Yes, oil is normally in there.

Check the point contacts for a clean smooth surface, then turn the bolt on the rotor until the points come up on the point cam lobes to where they are opened as far as they can go. Measure the gap and adjust to .014" using a feeler gauge.

To check ignition timing you have to use a 12v test light attached to the point wire and grounded to the cylinder head. When the points OPEN the light comes ON. When the points CLOSE the light goes OFF. You want the light to turn ON when the F mark on the rotor matches up with the indicator on the stator winding mount. The T  mark is for top dead center (piston at the top) and F mark is the FIRING mark, which is what sets the ignition timing.

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