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Bill,  You'll have to patient with me.  As I said before,  I had the bike working after rewinding part of the coil on the right side of the stator as you look at the stator on the bike.  I have rewound that side again, about 10" and have continuity (as per multi meter) on all wires etc.  The black wire from the stator which then connects to the other coil or whatever you call it mounted inside the frame (under the seat) is   also testing OK.  I have ordered a new condenser just in case that is a problem.

The beginning of the winding is soldered at the top to the winding harness or whatever it's called.  Where does the other end of the winding connect? Does it get soldered to the condenser wire or ?  I have scraped the wire so it makes contact but can't seem to figure out where it is supposed to connect.

Like I said, you have to be patient with me.  Thanks.  Mark M  Buffalo, MN

Mark, look at the wiring harness diagrams at  

There are ones for the C110 and related models, like S65. Any of the ones with a magneto are electrically the same.

The primary ignition coil is connected to the output wire, points and condenser on one end and grounded on the other end.

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