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I just had to run my bike (96 xj600) in an emergency situation on very low oil for about a mile. The bike died and I started it back up and babied it  at 5mph for another 300 meters before it died again.  I walked it the rest of the way home and got the oil in it. She now starts and runs like a dream again but doesn't go out of neutral unless the engine is running. And when it is running the gears grind when I try to put it out of neutral even with the clutch fully engaged. If I put it in gear it just dies immediately with a small lurch. Has my transmission been totally ruined? Is it just a matter of getting the clutch wet again? Should Ineed an entirely new clutch? What could this be?

Hi Troy,

It sounds like the clutch is not releasing properly.
This might be due to the clutch being run low
on oil.
The clutch may either be dry or it may have some
warped steel plates. These should be replaced or
at least sanded flat if the damage is minimal.
The friction plates should also be checked
and replaced or soaked in motorcycle oil.

The engine always needs oil as I am sure you
must realize. Hopefully it will start working better
or it might need a clutch rebuild.

Most bikes shift better when running or if you rock
the bike back and forward with engine off.

Wayne S.

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