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I have a daelim daystar 125. It was working fine until recently, it can't start using electronic occasionally. When the problem strike, it just gave "click" sound when start button is pressed and no cranking of the engine. I replaced the battery but with no improvement. Under this situation, I will kick start the bike but have to put in tremendous leg effort before it can be started.

Could you advise what could be the problem? Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: Leong, if the battery is new and fully charged/load tested and the clicking noise continues without making the electric starter function, then the starter solenoid must be failing or have dirty/loose contacts. The starter solenoid has two large cables and two small wires. Some can be taken apart for cleaning and repairs, some are not. I am not at all familiar with your scooter's electrical system or components. You can jump across the big posts with a thick screwdriver shaft and see if that makes the engine turn over. It will make some sparks when you do this, but it should turn the motor over with the starter. If this does not cause the engine to turn over and everything in the wiring/screwdriver begins to get VERY HOT, then stop the short-circuiting of the solenoid and find out what is causing the engine to be difficult to turn over. The possibility is there is engine damage to the piston or crankshaft. I have seen some of the Honda copy engines have broken crankshafts on the rotor/stator side. Check and adjust the valves and have a compression test done to ensure that there is no internal engine damage. If something is broken or damaged inside, that would also prevent the electric starter from functioning correctly. Your comment about it being very hard to kickstart is worrisome, suggesting some internal engine damage.

Drain the oil and look for metal shavings or parts coming out of the oil and filter screen. If you see anything like that, then the engine is probably severely damaged.

Bill Silver

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When the starter is not able to crank the engine, I used an object such as the handle of the screw driver to knock on the cover of the starter motor and the engine get started.

- Can the method I used above confirmed that the starter motor is giving problem and should be replaced?
- Once the engine started, will the starter motor required to function till the end of journey? Or the starter motor is just only for starting the engine and no other purpose?

Leong, Getting results after tapping on the starter motor indicates that the starter motor contact brushes are worn down and need replacing. These are inexpensive parts and depending upon accessibility, you might be able to replace them with the starter motor still in place.

Here is an example of what it might look like, all apart....

The starter motor's only function is to turn the engine over to start the firing process. It has nothing to do with the charging system/generator. It depends upon the starter solenoid and battery for connecting power to enable operation. It is only operable when you push the button. Otherwise, it is just going along for the ride.

Bill Silver  

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