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I have a starting problem with 05 Hayabusa. When I was riding one day it just completely shut down and wouldn't start after that. I replaced the battery, rectifier, starter, and starter solenoid. After i replaced those things i put a voltmeter on batter and it shows 12volts but when turn key volts drop to 5ish or so and lights and dash are real dim. The bike won't even turn over but if i put a battery tender on it the lights will be bright but when try to start will just hear a clicking sound from the battery area but engine or starter not turning over. When battery tender is off volts will drop back down to 5ish and nothing will happy when turn key. When key is back to off position then volts go back to 12. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Gene,

A new battery should read closer to 12.6 volts when sitting.
If they did not charge the battery before you bought it then
the battery could be faulty and have an internal short circuit.
This can happen to new batteries as well as old,

I would get the battery load tested at a bike or auto shop
to test it's stamina.

A dead battery causes all the symptoms you mentioned.

When the key is on and you are starting the battery should not
drop below 10 volts.

12 volts is a dead battery, they always read higher when fully charged.

The battery tender helps but does not have enough power to start the bike
so the lights are bright but the starter takes much more juice
so the starter relay just clicks because it does not
have the voltage to stay engaged.

Try another battery first as I believe you got a bad one.
If you suspect a drain on the battery try removing
the negative battery cable for the night and keep the tender on it.

Get back to me if you get any new info.

Just another note, you may have to check your charging
system voltage. If you get it running it should have about
14 volts or so on the battery especially if you speed the
engine up. If it just reads battery voltage then
you may need more inspection of the engine charging
system like the stator etc.


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