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Motorcycle Repair/1985 hydraulic clutch


Can't seem to get pressure in the clutch to grab a gear.

Hi Jeremy,

I can't see the make or model of your bike anywhere it just
says "1985 hydraulic clutch"

The problem is usually cavitation or small air bubbles in the clutch
fluid.  The master cylinder on the handlebar should be kept
full of fluid during air bleeding. Run a small hose from the
slave cylinder bleeder screw into a jar with some fluid in it.

Pull the clutch lever in, hold it and then open the bleeder screw
to allow air out of the hydraulic system.
You might need a helper for this.

Tighten the bleeder screw before you let go of the lever.
Repeat this until you think all the air is out of the lines.
It might help to tap the lines and slave cylinder to release any
trapped air pockets.

Keep the bleeder hose in the fluid jar so it can't suck any air back up
into the bleeder screw.

Makes sure the fluid does not get too low in the handlebar master cylinder
during this process.

Next step is to release any small air bubbles in the system.
Open the master cylinder cover. Very gently tap the
clutch lever and watch for tiny air bubbles coming back up
through the master cylinder reservoir.
This can take awhile before the lever starts to work normally.

If this process won't work after a time then you may
have to remove and clean out your clutch cylinders
as they may have plugged relief ports.

The last and not as likely is that you have mechanical problems
with the clutch itself or a faulty master or slave cylinder unit.

The most likely problem is just trapped air bubbles or improper bleeding


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