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QUESTION: I read a question that a guy had for an 83 Goldwing stating that his clutch would disengage when stopped and in gear. I am having the same issue with my 86. Being that it is an 86, and therefore hydraulic, what would be the most likely problem? I can work one cars and trucks, but I'm bike stupid, so if youbreak it down barneystyle I'd really appreciate it.

ANSWER: Hi Thomas,

You say the clutch disengages when stopped in gear?
That sounds normal if the clutch is pulled in.
If you mean the clutch is engaging or grabbing when stopped
then it might be because of air in the clutch lines
or worn or warped clutch plates.

The air can be bled through the clutch slave cylinder
on the engine, just follow the clutch hose down to it.

It has a small air bleeder screw on it which can be loosened
after pulling in the clutch lever to release air.
If you connect a small hose on it to a jar of fluid
you can pull the clutch lever, open the screw, tighten the screw
and then release the clutch lever to bleed the system of air.

You have to keep the fluid master on the handlebars full
when you do this. Watch fluid doesn't spray out the top
of the reservoir though.

Repeat the bleeding process until the air is out if there
is any.

The clutch plates replacement require removing the engine and the clutch cover
to access the whole clutch assembly.

If you have a clutch which slips then it is likely worn out.
If you clutch is grabby it might be air in the lines, a plugged
master cylinder port or warped clutch plates.

Let me know if this is the info you expected or if I misunderstood.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: You were correct in your assumption of my question. If I am at a stop, in gear, with the clutch lever pulled, the bike tries to move forward and I cannot shift to neutral. It will consistently try harder and harder to move until the bike cuts off. Even with the bike off it will not shift unless I pump the clutch.

Sounds like it might have air in the clutch fluid.
Sometimes the air can be worked out by tapping the
lever lightly with the cover off the master cylinder.

The fluid can become permeated with small bubbles
of air. Flushing the fluid out and adding new fluid might
help if the air is bled out also.


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