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Ok so I was riding and then it started to die on me. Eventually it did and couldn't start again. I let it sit for awhile and it started and went a little but once it heated up it died again. My research has led me to believe that it's the decompression valve being out of adjustment, but I think those are only on the higher CCs like 1500, but all the symptoms are of that of decompression cable unaligned. please help me troubleshoot and directions on how to fix it would be amazing thank you

Hi Peter,

You will have to first narrow the problem down to either low compression, lack of fuel
or no ignition spark.

When it dies check if you still have power to the lights etc, maybe it is just
a loose battery cable or faulty battery. Could also be a circuit breaker
kicking off.

A bad side stand switch or engine stop switch can halt things quickly.

Check if it still has spark or not to the spark plugs. (Stick a spare plug in a plug wire and ground it to the engine.)
See if fuel is getting to the carbs. Try draining them and see how much fuel comes out.
Check compression pressure, 150 psi or higher is good.

If you have spark then try some carb spray or wd40 in the carb mouth
to see if it will fire on it. If it runs then you know you have fuel problems.

If the compression is low, check the valves have some clearance .004"
when on compression stroke.

If you have no spark, check battery connections, side stand switch,
kill switch, ignition switch for problems first.

If you can narrow it down to one of the above it will be easier
to focus on what needs repair.

Let me know if you need anything clarified.


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