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I own a 2009 crossbones,it starts butt will not run, i've replaced 2 relays in the last 3 months, i would like to find the root cause of this problem

Hi Whitey,

The most likely cause of blown relays or fuses is loose connections
or short circuits.

First thing to check is battery positive and ground connections
on the battery and then the ground to the frame. These must
be clean and tight.

Next, check the wires under the seat for
breaks, rub through or loose connections. Sometimes they will
short out only when there is weight on the seat and blow a relay.

The other place to check is under the rear fender as tires have
been known to rub through into the wire harness and cause
an intermittant short circuit which can blow the relays.

Any loose or corroded connection can cause a rise in current which can also blow
relays over time. Some good electronic spray can help to improve connections.


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