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My 2005 Honda Shadow Spirit has developed a very slow radiator leak, 2-3 " puddle every few days, while sitting during the winter.  Is the system pressurized and should I be concerned?  I cannot seem to locate the leak and will have to remove my highway bars to get to the radiator, a royal pain.  Even then, getting to the radiator is really fun.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Hi Rob,

The cooling system is pressurized but the only concern
is the efficiency of the cooling system if it draws any air
inside. I have had very good luck with Rislone radiator
sealing products. You add a little and drive a few days
and often it seals the leak for many months.
You leave it in the system and it keeps the leaks from
getting worse.

You can try to pressurize the system to find leaks
when it is cold but often the sealer will work until
you feel like removing the radiator.

If you keep it topped up with coolant it should
not be a big problem unless it gets worse.
You would not want that coolant getting on your tires
as it is very slippery.

See if the Rislone brand radiator sealer is available in your area.
It does not clog up the radiator and still works
effectively. I sealed a head gasket leak for about 4 months with it.
It works best with pressure in the system so drive it to circulate the sealer.


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