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Where might I find information on British parts-to-Honda motorcycle applications for my 1970 CB 750 project? I have vintage 7/8" Rickman clubman bars and other mods in mind like a headlight nacelle, guages, fenders, shocks, tires and lights all around. I may also be interested in adding a rear disc brake, oil cooler and CHT guage. I don't want to look like all the other cheap cafe racers on the American highway. I'd rather have something with some great styling. Thanks much for any assistance.

Hi Michael,

It would be great if the British bike parts fit Hondas but older British bikes used
measurements based on the "Whitworth" and "BSW" standards.
Later they adopted some standard bolt threads etc.

The japanese bikes used "JIS" and metric when designing their bikes.
The result is mostly any parts you want to fit have to be done through
fabrication or modifying existing parts to fit.

The one thing that is harder to duplicate is the handling characteristics
of the British bikes. They were narrow and felt very solid in the turns etc.
The Triumphs tend to be a little better handling wise than some of the
other bikes like BSA and big Nortons.

The later British models are a completely different beast from early ones.
The companies have been shut down, changed and newly engineered
bikes are branded with the classic names.

One place that has a few things you might be interested in is:

Hope you can find or create the parts you want to capture some of
the magic of yesteryear.


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