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new battery ran flat after 28 mile could you please tell me where to find stator coils/rectifier/fuses

Hi Tony,

Get a multimeter and check if the battery is getting a charge
of 14 volts or so. If not, pull the left outer engine side cover
and find the stators 3 pin plug.
Check between the bottom pin and each of the two top pins
for .036-0.44 ohms readings.

If that is okay, start the bike with the connector apart
and see how many volts AC are coming from the stator
at idle and at 2000 RPMs. Should be above 40 volts and
maybe as high as 60 or 80 volts AC total.

If you have a fair reading there then check the regulator/rectifier
connector and battery connections.

The regulator/rectifier is under the battery I believe.

If your new battery is in question have it load tested after recharging.

If the stator and battery are okay then you might try another regulator/rectifier.
Check the charging voltage before you ride to make sure it works.

Let me know if you need more info.
The only relevant fuse is the main fuse so if your bike has lights etc then
it is working. The other fuses are under the drivers seat.


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