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i was told that the starter clutch was bad how hard is it to take the motor apart and fix the starter clutch

Hi Jimmy,

This requires pretty well a full teardown of the engine as the starter drive
is bolted onto the end of the crankshaft.

This means the crankshaft has to come out which means
the cam chain has to come off and the lower engine case.
You might be able to leave the pistons in if you remove the rod caps
or can slide the pistons down and lift the crankshaft high
enough to get the starter clutch off the end.

The engine balancer is also in there and has to be removed.

I suggest studying some parts diagrams online or getting
a shop manual if you decide to do it.

Check for parts availability too.

Replace all the starter drive parts or inspect them very carefully
as the round surface it grabs on has to be perfectly round.
Replace all the springs, rollers and plungers.
It won't pay to go cheap and have to pull the engine again.

It is a big job but can be done with care and time.


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