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Dear Mike,
I purchased a 2007 1200 Sportster Custom last fall with about 13K miles.  After about a month, all of a sudden fourth gear is gone. When I shift from 3rd to 4th, I get nothing, the bike just revs.  If I shift up again I will hit 5th with no issues. And visa versa when down shifting. There is no grinding or any strange noise.  I took it to a local bike shop that sells used Harley's.  The owner is a friend of a friend.  They drained "something" and said that there were no metal shavings, etc in it.....that was the good part.  They suspect a bad/broken shift fork. Then they said that the only way to determine for sure was to remove the engine from the bike and split the case, etc.  At this time all I saw in my head was $$$$$$.  Sure enough he said it would cost around $2000. (Almost half of what I paid for the bike!  Ouch!) Is it normal for a shift fork to go bad? Especially with so few miles?  Does this diagnosis make sense?  And of course, does the repair scenario and cost sound reasonable?  I know it is probably a long shot but should I communicate with Harley corporate to see if there is something they will/can do for me?  Any other information/thoughts/advice is GREATLY appreciated!

Yes shifter forks can go bad. Usually they get bent from hard shifting or "speed shifting". You can bend a shifter fork at anytime. Its really hard to tell what the problem is until the tranny is removed. It could be a bent shifter fork, broken gear or anything till its seen. Yes, the diagnosis makes sense. I cant comment of tne cost. Prices are different all over the country and from shop to shop. I can tell you this. Harley will not do anything for you since its out of warrenty!

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PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION!!! I CAN ONLY ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT HARLEYS !!! I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT OTHER MODELS!!! IF YOU ASK A QUESTION ABOUT A NON HARLEY BIKE IT WILL GET REJECTED!!!I have a Harley only shop with 30 years experience located in Ohio. We specialize in complete and total repair, restoration, hi-performance, and custom bike building. I can work on Flat Heads to Twin Cams. Please, dont ask how much somthing is going to cost to fix. Labor prices differ all over te country as well as shop to shop!


If its broke on a harley we can repair it. We do complete restoration from the frame up, engine and trans rebuilding, remapping and custom bike building

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