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Hi, Wayne.  I just wanted you to know that what you told me to do with the brake switch wiring on my C100 worked just great. The stop light works and the fuse didn't blow.  I went today to look at my friend's C100 and it was wired the same as what you told me.  I am very happy!
Also, in searching through the various wiring diagrams, I found that the diagram for the C50 shows the way my bike is wired and it is just as you said it should be.
Even though it was only 31 degrees here in Appleton, Wisconsin, I took my motorbike for a good spin.  It worked great!

Thank you so much for all of your help and advice. I really appreciate your expertise.
Best wishes,
Al Schroeder


Hi Al,

It is great to hear that you took your bike for a ride after getting it sorted out.
I enjoy helping people restore these old hondas as they are so much fun.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have and thank you for
the donation as well, much appreciated.

These bikes output very low amps on the charging system. Not even 1 AH
most of the time.

Since they do not have a regulator for the charging system it uses a
system balanced by the battery and lights etc.

This means if a bulb burns out the current may be too high
and start to blow other bulbs out so keep the battery, tail light
and headlight bulbs and others going if possible to prevent
a voltage overload.

When the system is all working then the voltage is low enough
so nothing gets blown out by excess current.

You can still find 6 volt bulbs online at various places.

Install an inline small fuel filter too as the old tanks flake
rust bits which plug the carb jets.

Thanks again and you are welcome as these bikes are much fun to figure out.

Wayne S

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