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Hi Bill,

I have a 67 CL77 and the kickstarter spline shaft sheared off the other day -- right where spline end meets up with kickstarter level/coupler.  How big of a job is this going to be to replace it?  Can you split the cases with cylinder/head assembly still on?
Any info or advice you can provide will be most appreciated.  Honestly, I didn't kick through it that hard.  Seemed like there was a flaw or fatigue already setting in on least that's what it looked like when I examine outer case and end of shaft where it sheared off.


Rodger, Usually the k/s knuckle in the k/s cover is what splits, causing the knuckle to slip and jump over the splined shaft. Sheared off shafts are somewhat uncommon in my experience.

Because Honda designed the cases to split horizontally, you can just remove the two nuts at the upper case, which hold the transmission cover in place, then remove the clutch cover and all the clutch and shift selector parts. You can get away with leaving the rotor in place, but you might want to replace all the engine oil seals while you are in there. Turn the motor over and remove the bottom fasteners and carefully pry the case halves apart. The top end of the engine can remain in place.

Once the cases are split you can investigate the transmission gear dog engagement overlaps in each gear and install offset cotters on gears with insufficient dog engagement. I have all this information in my restoration guide CDs for Scramblers, but if you have a factory manual you might be able to sort it all out, as well.

DO check the k/s knuckle for damage to the internal splines and for a split down the side. The good news is that the shaft is the same for all 250-305 engines. Just be careful to find one with a good bearing surface where the rollers run on the shaft.

You will have to carefully scrape off all the old factory sealant from the case halves and reseal with 3-Bond (aka Yamabond) liquid sealer. You will probably want to replace the soft sealing washer underneath the long special 6mm nut and the crankshaft locking washer, if the tabs break off. In higher miles engines, the low gear bushing ridge can become worn down or completely detach from the bushing surface. There is also a k/s pawl/cap and spring that may need replacing. The end bushing may show signs of deep gouging from contact with the k/s pawl, too.

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