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have used this site in the past with excellent results for advice  for my last bike, thanks to all
purchased a 86  shadow 1100, 44 k excellent shape, from my uncle.
It has  a set of loud pipes on it.. I would like to tone down the noise  some  what, i like to hear em run, but these  are a little much, other than searching out replacement stockers, what options do i have ?
Thanks, Frank.

Hi Frank,

You might find some slip on mufflers that would work,
check the outlet/inlet pipe sizes and look online.

Some ready to go options are linked here:

If you close the pipes down a bit the bike may run better
but you may have to rejet if the change is extreme.

With backpressure increased the bike will run richer
so if the plugs look black you will need smaller main jets.
If it runs dark brown I would leave it alone as a richer
mixture may run better and keep the engine cooler.

Open pipes cause lean running and backfiring
or popping noises in the pipes.
This can also result in a hotter running engine.

Any large bike muffler of the correct size will work
if you can get it mounted. Check the plug color after
a fast run to get your fuel mixture readings.


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